We offer a wide range of real estate services

At Aptus Capital Group, we offer a wide variety of services and solutions for all kinds of businesses. Aptus Group assists individuals, progressive businesses, and community organizations, with a particular focus on the middle market.


Financing for foreign / international buyers

Mortgage loan financing is available for foreign buyers, and can be obtained through a U.S. or non-U.S. bank. Due to the United States’ credit crisis, lenders have tightened credit criteria and require foreign buyers to pay forth 40% as a down payment.

Financing serves as the stepping stone to leverage funds, thereby magnifying returns. For example, if an foreign investor purchases a property for $1 million in cash, he will get the benefit of only one property. If on the other hand, he obtains mortgage financing and puts forth only 50% of the down payment, the foreign investor can purchase two properties, therefore, benefiting from the appreciation of two properties with the same theoretical equity investment.


Achieving above average returns

An investor’s success in achieving above average returns, hinges to no small extend on his advisors abilities to acquire well-priced assets and to dispose of them at the most advantageous time to realize the maximum value. One facet of our expertise is to apply a wide-ranging and rigorous due diligence process in analyzing all aspects of the real estate. We act as acquisitions & dispositions consultants and guide every transaction from Letter of Intent to closing and funding.


Property management and leasing

Property management and leasing are the foundations of creating value in commercial real estate. We think and act like an owner and implement our comprehensive approach to landlord representation through our in-house management and leasing experts who are highly experienced in the office, retail, industrial and apartment/condominium sectors.