We offer property acquisition services

At Aptus Capital Group, we offer a wide variety of services and solutions for all kinds of businesses. Aptus Group assists individuals, progressive businesses, and community organizations, with a particular focus on the middle market.


Investor’s success in achieving above average

An investor’s success in achieving above average returns, hinges to no small extend on his advisors abilities to acquire well-priced assets and to dispose of them at the most advantageous time to realize the maximum value. One facet of our expertise is to apply a wide-ranging and rigorous due diligence process in analyzing all aspects of the real estate. We act as acquisitions & dispositions consultants and guide every transaction from Letter of Intent to closing and funding.


Our Other Services


Single family rentals, usually stand-alone properties in ownership settings, appeal more to families than multifamily. In fact, the typical SFR tenant is a family that has just left a foreclosure and can afford to pay the rent on a former foreclosure but could not make the mortgage payment on their old home.


We are experiencing one of the largest rental markets in our lifetime for many reasons. These reasons result in a significant shift away from home ownership and toward a strong demand for rentals. The current state of foreclosures, unemployment, and stringent lending guidelines make any decision other than renting difficult for most Americans.